Gold Coast Botanicals
Compliant Cannabis Farm Labor Supporting Small-scale Cannabis Cultivators from Prep to Post.
  • Garden Set up
  • Cloning
  • Leafing
  • Topping
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Transplanting
  • Harvesting
  • Packaging
  • Trimming
  • Weeding
  • Garden Clean up
  • Etc. - Let us know what you need!
The CORE of Gold Coast Botanicals is to champion the preservation and support the evolution of the small-scale cannabis community. We do this through advocacy and the creation of compliant garden teams that support the needs of the modern compliant small-scale cannabis cultivator.

Do Your Part to Keep Small-scale Cannabis Culture Alive Use your spending power to shape the industry.
  • Purchase Cannabis grown by Small-scale Cultivators.
  • Ask your local Dispensary to carry more small-scale cultivation products.
  • The OGs vs the Large Corporations: Do you want to perpetuate Big AG in cannabis, with mass production, excessive profits and horrible working conditions due to greed? Or do you want to shape this industry for the better and continue the legacy?
  • Think BIG, Buy small!

Small-scale Cannabis Cultivators

We provide Cannabis Compliant Farm Labor, catering to the needs of the Small-scale Licensed Cannabis Cultivators. GCB is loyal to the small-scale Cultivators stepping out, into the light and not to the mega corporations who are trying to smoke them out.

We believe small-scale cultivation:
  • Creates independence, freedom and choice in lifestyle.
  • Creates a small ecological footprint. Taking only what is needed and leaving the rest to nature
  • Supports local communities and economy.
We strive to have a team ready to assist in all manners of cultivation from beginning to end. Knowing cannabis cultivation is not a vacation but a labor of love. All employees have the dedication, training and respect needed to be successful. Invite us to you farm so we may learn about you and see how we can support.

Nevada County Based

  • Gold Coast Botanicals is Based in Nevada County, California.
  • We encourage all interested Californians to apply as our goal is to create local teams to support local cultivators, preserving our culture.
  • Let us know a little bit about your needs so we can build a team in your area. We are stronger together.

Supporting the Agrarian Lifestyle

Gold Coast Botanicals wants to attract those who understand the great rewards of an agrarian lifestyle. We provide integrated training, discretionary bonuses and career advancement opportunities; within a safe, secure, trustworthy and compliant working environment.
More than a job -- it is a Lifestyle choice. Agriculture inherently has cycles giving you the opportunity to have time for friends, family, hobbies, travels, education, rest, etc.

GCB Team Basics

  • Garden Team
  • Trim Team
  • We value and strive to reward dedicated, consistent and quality team members.
  • Supervisors are hired from within.
  • Jobs flow with the season. Sometimes we have more and sometimes we have less.
  • Jobs are offered around your availibility, sometimes you have more, sometimes you have less.
  • GCB team members are W-2 employees.
  • We work 6 hr shifts in general and team members are responsible to get themselves to the farms.
Are you interested in joining the team?
Currently serving Nevada County California.